ZD550 Pro 550mm 4 Axis Carbon Fiber Umbrella Folding Quadcopter Combo with Motor ESC Propeller

ZD550 Pro 550mm 4 Axis Carbon Fiber Umbrella Folding Quadcopter Combo with Motor ESC Propeller

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ZD550 Pro quadcopter is the ugprade version of the previous ZD550.                       

The folding parts/pipe clamps of the ZD550 Pro are made of all-metal material, and the thickness and holes of the upper and lower plates has been improved. Therefore, the take-off and landing of drone is more stable, and it is more resistant to land without shaking. It increases the safety of the aircraft and makes folding and folding more convenient. 8-hole motor mount, compatible with most of the motors in the market.

Main Features:
- Umbrella folding structure with aluminum connector, high strength
- 1.5mm 8 holes motor mount, compatible with most motors in the market
- Dia. 20mm carbon fiber tube, more powerful
--During the test, with 4s 10000mah battery, the flight time is about 20 minutes. 

- Item Model: ZD550 Pro
- Material: Carbon fiber
- Diagonal wheelbase: 550mm
- Center board thickness: 1.5mm
- Center board size: 150*150mm
- Height between two center plate: 37mm 
- Landing Gear height: 260mm
- Landing gear length: 10*330mm 
- Folding Size: 208x208x305mm
- Weight: 675g 

Tarot 4006 620KV Brushless Motor
· Designed for quad-copters and hex-copters, CNC processed, smooth surface and well-balanced
· Brand-new turbofan cover, which provide good heat dissipation effect.
· Rotor is made by neodymium iron boron, and stator is made by Epoxy resin, motor is well-balanced from factory, which solves vibration issue a lot. * Motor shaft is alloy steel applied.
· Motor upper and lower cover are special bearing applied, which has advantages such as low frictional torque, low power consumption, impact resistance, strong radial support.

The most significant feature of ARRIS Simonk 30A brushless ESC is that it has 400mm singnal wire and power cord, no need to add extra wires, which greatly reduce the triviality in wiring.

- Weight: 25g
- Size: 55 * 19 * 10mm
- Continuous Current: 30A
- Burst current: 45A 
- BEC Mode: OPTO
- The applicable number of battery cells :2-6S

TAROT 1355 Carbon fiber propeller
  • Root has unique design, which increases the strength and efficiency
  • 100% carbon TORAY 3K pure carbon fiber applied
  • Well-balanced from factory
  • Optimized propeller efficiency and loading stability

Package Included:
ZD550 Pro 550mm 4 Axis Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame x 1
Tarot 4006/620KV Multicopter Brushless Motor x 4
ARRIS Simonk 30A 2-6S OPTO Brushless ESC x 4
Tarot 1355 Carbon Fiber High Efficient Propeller x 4 (2CW+2CCW) 

Note: You still need flight controller, radio and battery to make a complete drone.