XT60 Plugs(5 Pair) TL10152-01
XT60 Plugs(5 Pair) TL10152-01XT60 Plugs(5 Pair) TL10152-01

XT60 Plugs(5 Pair) TL10152-01

Item# UC0018
USD $3.99

XT60 Plug for RC models

Are you still using deans or banana plugs? They are out. Hobby-wing.com is glad to represent you the latest super plug, XT60. After over one yearˇ¦s research on all current plugs in the market, thousands of experiments, finally XT60 plug comes into being. It solves all the shortcomings of other plugs and will stand out as the standard plug for RC models.

1. The covering is made from heat-resistant nylon through solid casting technology;
2. Heavy current resistance, allowing continuous 80A, up to 120A at most;
3. Unique design enables its cool looking and high safety;
4. The groove design at the end of the covering guarantees the tightness from moisture;
5. Antiskid end makes utilization easier;
6. Clear signs of cathode and anode;
7. The design of 180˘Xsoldering pot enables easy and convenient operation;
8. Precise in size and safe to use.