Tarot TL810A Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter Super Combo (Not Assembled)

Tarot TL810A Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter Super Combo (Not Assembled)

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Plugs/Connectors/Wires for Assembling: 

TAROT TL810A Description:
Pure carbon main frame is Japan TORAY 3K carbon fiber applied and CNC processed
Pure carbon matte CF plate has ultra-high quality and strength
Foldable design is allowed to equip with wiring directly; please avoid connecting circuit by plug
Main frame has M3 nut self-locking on the carbon fiber plate, the thread structure has self-locking design, which is capable to resist lateral vibration
Foldable portion has unique clamping design, which has strong stronger structure
The whole set is non-slip while folding. Lightweight dual color motor has been CNC processed, the appearance has strong visual effect

High current gilded aggregator included
Payload 3kg
Weight: 1020G
Tube diameter: 25MM
Distance from motor to motor: 810MM
Frame diameter: 850MM
Main plate: 210 x210 x2.0MM
Motor installation space: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM equilateral triangle installation

T810 foldable hex-copter frame set x1
Titanium coated rasp x1
Water sticker x1
Colored sticker x1
Hook & loop fastening tape x1
Instruction manual x1
Spare screw x


Parameter of Tarot 4114 Motor:
Outer diameter: 46mm
Stator diameter: 41mm
Stator thickness: 14mm
Stator number: 24N
Magnet Poles: 22P
Wire diameter: 0.31mm
Motor KV: 320RPM/Volt
22.2V No-load current: 0.5Amps
Resistance: 126mงู
Weight: 148g
Gear shaft diameter:กห4.0 mm
Motor length: 32mm
Motor shaft length: 37mm

The most significant feature of ARRIS Simonk 30A brushless ESC is that it has 400mm singnal wire and power cord, no need to add extra wires, which greatly reduce the triviality in wiring.

- Weight: 25g
- Size: 55 * 19 * 10mm
- Continuous Current: 30A
- Burst current: 45A 
- BEC Mode: OPTO
- The applicable number of battery cells :2-6S

Tarot 1555 Propeller Features:
-Carbon fiber CW/CCW props is applicable to brushless motor (for hex-copter/ octo-copter) which has 3 mounting holes.
-Carbon content 100% TORAY 3K carbon fiber applied
-Well-balanced from factory
-ptimized propeller efficiency and loading stability

Package Includes:
1 x TL810A Hexa-copter Frame
6 x Tarot 4114/320KV Brushless Motor
6 x ARRIS Simonk 30A 2-6S OPTO Brushless ESC

6 x TAROT 15x5.5 High Efficient Carbon Fiber Propeller TL2812

1 x T810/T960 Foldable Tripod TL96013
1 X T810/960 Gimbal Mount Kit TL96014