FY680 Hex-copter Foldable Skid TL68B11

FY680 Hex-copter Foldable Skid TL68B11

Item# TL68B11
USD $19.50

Product Description:

  • 6061T6 Aluminum alloy CNC processed
  • Applicable to 16MM carbon fiber tube DIY assembly and FY680 foldable hex-copter frame TL6801/TL6802
  • Fully foldable to be put in 500 carry bag (TL2647) and angle adjusted allowed
  • Matte processed, pure carbon fiber material, light-weight deigne


  • Metal skid mount x1 (27x10x5MM)
  • M2.5x5 cup head hexagon screw x2
  • Hexagon positioning aluminum bolt (M2x5x22MM) x1
  • M2x4 cup head hexagon screw x2
  • Carbon fiber skid foldable side frame (58*22*1.6MM) x2
  • 16MM carbon tube grip (22x16x29MM) x1 (Weight: 6g)
  • 16MM carbon tube foldable positioning holder (31x21.7x9MM) x1(Weight: 5g)
  • M2.5x6.5 hexagon stepped screw x6
  • M2.5x22MM screw
  • M2.5x16MM collar screw x1
  • 15x16x160MM matte carbon tube x1
  • 1.6 metal adapter x1 (23x20MM)
  • M2x10MM cup head hexagon screw x1
  • M1.4 carbon fiber plate x1 (100x20MM)
  • Metal holder x2 (M10x14x19mm)
  • 9x10x280MM matte carbon tube x1
  • Damper x2
  • M2x6MM cup head hexagon screw x3