Amass XT90-S Anti-Spark Connectors TL2906 (One Pair)

Amass XT90-S Anti-Spark Connectors TL2906 (One Pair)

Item# UC0002
USD $2.99

Amass XT90-S Plug is the upgrade version of the XT90 connector. The main feature of this plug is “anti-spark”. They integrated the resistance into this small plug to prevent the spark.  

- Adopts 4.5mm banana plug, upgrade version
- Light weight, small size, high current indurance performance
- Unique anti-spark design, compatible with XT90.


- Work current: 90A
- Peak current: 120A
- Plug size: 4.5mm banana plug

Note: The male plug is for battery and ESC, female plug is for battery

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Package Includes:
XT90-S Protection Case x 2
XT90-S Male Plug x 1
XT90-S Femal Plug x 1