Tarot Li-Po/Li-Fe Battery Balancer TL2683

Tarot Li-Po/Li-Fe Battery Balancer TL2683

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RC Lipo battery 3in1 LCD voltage indicator Meter + Balancer + Discharger

Why you need a Battery Balancer?
When you buy a new battery pack, it has stand 3.7V on each cell, after fully charged, each cell usually has 4.2V-4.3V, after a flight, they usally becomes around 3.5V-3.6V. However, every cell has a little bit difference on discharge rate and capacity, after a period of time, you get different readings on each cell, this is normal. To restore the battery to former glory, we use a Battery Balancer to "Level" each cells to the same voltage, then we use a Balance Charger to fully charge it, and the battery lives again!

RC Lipo battery 3in1 LCD voltage indicator Meter + Balancer + Discharger
Lipo battery is powerful and with high capacity for longer run time, but proper 
care is a must for all lipo battery. This device is make for a quick reference of 
your lipo battery with instant voltage reading. Besides, this device also act as 
a "dead cell" detector to indicate which cell is need to be replaced.
Besides above function, this device also act as lipo balancer to condition your lipo 
before charge. And also a discharger to discharge the lipo when you play in field.
This device can also testing your receiver battery with JST or Futaba/JR type plug.
Simply plug-in your lipo via the balance charger plug to this device and you will 
have all the information you needed.
Easy to use!! must have item for your lipo!!
Detailed instruction sheet include!

Technical Data:
- Battery pack : 2-6 Cells
- Balance Plug operating voltage : 7.4V-22.2V - Receiver battery operating voltage : 1.2V-8.5V DC
- JST socket operating voltage : no limit on battery type, 7.4V-11.1V
- Battery voltage setting range : 2.0V-4.2V (default 3.3V)
- Discharge voltage setting range : 2.0V-4.2V (default 3.9V)