Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller with GPS Combo for Multicopter ZYX25

Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller with GPS Combo for Multicopter ZYX25

Item# NA0027
USD $125.00

The Revolutionary Flight Controller

Tarot ZYX-M integrates multiple new technologies and simplifies all complicated operation. Brings you an easy and natural flight experiece.

Bring a Brand New Operation Expericnce
The intelligent flight controller is born to enhance the flight experience. ZYX-M is equipped with smart computing and navigation control system. Pilots can adjust tilt, roll and pan axis throughs setup software according to difference preferences.

Comprehensive Consideration for fling safety
The ZYX-M flight controller supports fail safe and voice alarm, including range setting and no-fly zone alarm. It just keeps your aircraft be safe during flights.

Main Controller:
32 bit processor, has strong calculation ability
Built-in sensor to effectively reduce vibration
Full metal outer case, strong protection
Support dual S-BUS receiver
Dual DSM satellite receiver, offer reliable remote controll
Specific gimbal control interface, directly control the tarot newly released gimbals.

GPS Module:
high gain antenna, effecient GPS receiver, fast and accurate locating

PMU Module:
Dual power output
Supports power output to flight controller, gimbal and video TX simultaneously
Integrated voltage test
Low voltage alarm

LED Indicator: Indicates the mulit-copter status in real-time

Standard Accessory: USB Module

Support 9 kinds of multi-copter. With 3 servo ports for higher compatibility

Accurate Speed Control under GPS Mode:
Under GPS flight mode, the flight speed is proportionally equal to joystick movement, and the level speed is proportionally equal to throttle stick movement.

Failsafe, One Key Go-Home, IOC(Intelligent Orientation Control), POI(Point of Interest):
If the multi-copter lost the signal, it can return to launch and land. When the signal works normally, pilot can pull and switch and activate one key go-home.

Smart Retractable Landing Skid:
Once activate this feature, the landing gear will automatically extend in emergency case (ex: auto-landing). Pilot can control the landing gear through radio transmitter after flight height exceeds 5 meters.

Flight Range Programmable and No-fly Zone Protect Function:
Under GPS flight mode, the multi-copter will fly inside the setting range only. Under other flight mode, once the multi-copter fly outside the setting range, the auto return-to-launch will be activated. In places near airport and no-fly zone, the flying height and range are restricted.

Prop Failsafe (Hex-copter or above)

Package Includes:
1 x Main Controller
1 x GPS Module
1 x PMU Module
1 x LED Indicator
1 x USB Module


Tarot ZYX-M software 1.0Version