TAROT X8-Lite 8 Axis Multi-Rotor RC Drone for Training Aerial Photography

TAROT X8-Lite 8 Axis Multi-Rotor RC Drone for Training Aerial Photography

Item# CA0451
USD $249.00
The new Tarot X8 Lite multi-rotor drone is a 8 axis drone frame with umbrella folding with high cost effective. The main feature of the X8-lite drone is ultra-big storage board, battery compartment design, new style light weight motor mount and landing skid with split metal T-connectors. The hovering time can reach 40 minutes. 
Main Features:
1. On the basis of the original Tarot X8 structure, the X8 lite upgrade the storage board. It adopts a layered storage structure design, double-layer independent large space, convenient for assembling, and easy to accommodate the the power module, flight controller, video transmission system there. 

2. New battery compartment. The component adopts an integrated perforated design, which ensures a large space in the battery compartment and can expand the gimbal lower hanging component (need to purchase seperately),eliminating the need to re-mount it at the bottom of the battery compartment, and can directly mount the gimbals with 155mm/165mm mounting distance there.

3. Tarot X8 lite adopts new lightweight fan-type motor mount, it is suitable for motors within Φ44mm, and the open motor fixing slot is compatible with most of the motor holes on the market.

4. Tarot X8 lite uses the new carbon fiber landing skid, splited metal T-connectors, the vertical length of the landing skid is 349mm, the horizontal length is 440mm. The reinforced metal T-connectors can ensure the stability of the drone when it lands on the ground.The frame connection part adopts four points Symmetric hole to fix.

Item Brand: Tarot
Item Model: X8 Lite
Digonatal wheelbase: 1050mm
Diameter of center plate: 333mm
Landing Skid Height: 377mm
Weight: 1.7kg

Package Included:
Tarot X8 Lite 8 axis drone frame kit x 1