Tarot X8 Pro 8 Axis Multicopter TL8X000-PRO Super Combo for Aerial Photography (Unassembled)

Tarot X8 Pro 8 Axis Multicopter TL8X000-PRO Super Combo for Aerial Photography (Unassembled)

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The TAROT X8 Pro 8 Axis multi-axis aircraft is a new generation version of the fuselage optimization based on the first generation of Tarot X8. It is specially designed for professional aerial photography users. Tarot X8 Pro comes with new folding retractable landing skid, umbrella folding arm, integrated PCB board (which makes power, ESC and other wire connections more convenient and safer), providing sufficient installation space for various flight control systems.

The 8 rotors design provide sufficient power to ensure that the aircraft is in a steady state even if one of the rotor stops working unexpectedly. The overall weight is light and easy to carry. The non-load flight time can reach 31 minutes.

Product Specifications:
Item Brand: TAROT
Item Model: TAROT X8 Pro
Diagonal wheelbase: 1125MM
Propeller: 16 inches
Arm length (arm to motor mount center): 395MM
Arm weight (arm and motor base): 122G
Center plate diameter: 335MM
Landing gear height: 490MM
Battery specifications: 25C, 22.2V, 22000MHA (recommended)
Brushless ESC: 40A (recommended)
No-load hover time: 31MIN (21.0V remaining battery power)
Working environment temperature: -10℃-40℃
Net weight: 3.42KG

Package Inlcuded:
TAROT X8 Pro 8 Axis Frame Kit x 1
Tarot 4114 320KV Brushless Motor x 8
Flycolor OPTO 40A 3-6S ESC x 8
Tarot 1655 Folding Propeller x 8 (4CW+4CCW)

Note: Flight controller, radio, battery need to purchase seperately. This combo is not assembled.



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Tarot 4114 320KV Brushless Motor TL100B08 for multicopter

Outer diameter: 46mm
Stator diameter: 41mm
Stator thickness: 14mm
Stator number: 24N
Magnet Poles: 22P
Wire diameter: 0.31mm
Motor KV: 320RPM/Volt
22.2V No-load current: 0.5Amps
Resistance: 126m§Ù
Weight: 148g
Gear shaft diameter:¡Ë4.0 mm
Motor length: 32mm
Motor shaft length: 37mm

Flycolor 40A OPTO 2-6S ESC for Multirotors

Main Features:
Small size, the esc can install in the 22mm diameter arms
It can resist high temperature to 100 degree
Didicated electrical path design, it has strong anti-interference
Quick throttle response,super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
Simplify function setting, the default settings is suitable for most of the brushless motors for multirotors
The working frequency is 450Hz, when the Throttle in the middle, the frequency can reach to 600Hz
Signal lost protection
Great security performance. No matter where the radio throttle stick is when power on , the motor will not start immediately.
Remain the throttle range settings, easy to operate, compatible with all the radio operation settings.

Input Voltage:2-6S
Con. Current: 40A
Max. Current (10s): 50A
Dimension: 45 x 27 x 10mm

Tarot 1655 High Efficient Folding Propeller w/Bracket (CW/CCW)

The latest Tarot 1655 high-efficiency 16 inches folding propellers use a new optimized airfoil design and high-strength engineering materials to ensure good flexibility and wing stability, achieving over 10% efficiency gain and ample power reserve. Suitable for multi-axis multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles such as four-axis and six-axis. The mold was made by the Swiss MIKRON five-axis machining center.

Total length: 190mm
Diamete: 16 inches
Weight: 18.5g/pcs
Center Hole Diameter: 3.0mm
Mounting Thickness: 5.00m

x8 frame

TAROT X8 drone

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