Tarot Peeper Long Flight Time Quadcopter Super Combo with T10X Burshless Gimbal TL75S02

Tarot Peeper Long Flight Time Quadcopter Super Combo with T10X Burshless Gimbal TL75S02

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Tarot Peeper a long-flight UAV that leads the industry standard and is a technical standard for long-flight time drones. Eliminating various restrictions, mass-produced commercial finished drones have inherited Tarot's usual overall design standards, allowing many clever ideas to be found on this commercial drone.With the payload of GoPro 3 Axis gimbal, image transmission module and 6S 10000mah Lipo battery, the flight time can reach 47 minutes. And you can use bigger battery to get longer flight time.

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Digonal Wheelbase: 750mm
Frame Height: 258mm
Main Propeller Length: 210mm
Main propeller diameter: 440mm
Weight (without battery): about 1.65kg

The primary goal of the design is the long flight time.The Peeper frame has exposed skeleton design. The Peeper comes with high quality glass fiber canopy.
Tarot Peeper T10X gimbal adopts CNC overall spherical integrated structure industrial design to achieve the light weight and strongest stability effect.Built-in 10x optical zoom lens, aperture value: F2.0 uses 1/3" color CMOS4 image sensor, effective pixels reach 4 million effective pixels(2688 x 1520 pixels).
There is power button on multifunctional control pannel, plug the battery, unlock the tact switch, the power is on. And you could know the battery capacity according to the battery level indicator on the controller pannel (Using the 4S battery).
Easy to change the battery. The size of the battery frame is 180mm long and 65mm wide, 6S 22.2V 10000amh to 15000mah battery which can install the frame can use on the quad. The battery can install on the side. Please check the gravity center reference bit before taking off to get the longest flight time.
Quick fodable arm structure.Without any tool, the motor arm can fold through the knob design. All the arms fold to the back, decrease the volumn of it.
Light, quick foldable landing gear, the design has been awarded intellectual property.The structure of the landing gear is easy, the weight is light, but it has high durability.
T6 Aluminium alloy oval arms. The motor arm is of light weight, small wind resistance, so it can decrease the vibration effectively. The high speed 40A ESC matach the high strenght damping motor mount perfectly. The motor mount has wind guide and heat dissipation design.
The 4008 Martin brushless motor and foldable propeller.After long time test and tuning, powerful combo comes out,they have high efficiency,power safing and low temperature and other features. With the exquisite CNC CTX gamma TC processing technology and high standard on this Martin motor, it only weighs 71g.
Intelligent power distribute system, it can distribute the power to motor, flight controller, gimbal and image transmission systems and etc. When starting, there is security lock function to avoid the accident by misoperation. If the quad is not running in 30 minutes, the current is less than 3A, it will power off automatically to avoid the lipo battery over discharge.

Package Includes:
Tarot Peeper frame Kit with canopy x 1
17.5 inches Martin foldable carbon fiber propeller TL2948 x 2
4008 Martin brushless motor x 4
40A brushless ESC x 4
Power distribution unit x 1
Power management unit x 1
Tarot Peeper T10X Burshless Gimbal with Zoom Camera x 1
User manual x 1

Note: Flight Controller, Radio and Battery need to purchase seperately.And this super combo is not assembled. If you need the RTF version, you can contact service@rc-wing.com.