Tarot 650 Sport Quadcopter TL65S01 Super Combo

Tarot 650 Sport Quadcopter TL65S01 Super Combo

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Tarot 650 Sport Quadcopter TL65S01 Super Combo (Not Assembled)


Tarot 650 Sport quadcopter frame is the latest generation multicopter frame for 650 class multicopter. Tarot company independent designed the frame and hold several patents. The Tarot 650 Sport comes with the new electronic retractable landing skid, retractable landing skid controller board TL8X002. The gravity center is lower, the installation space is bigger, and the quadcopter is more stable.

The main frame comes with the high strength matt surface PCB circuit board. With it, it will be faster and safer to connect the power and esc wires. Meanwhile, it saves much space on the frame. The new version motor mount plate added the brushless esc installation hole, clamp-on design make it more convenient to adjust the horizontal of the motor mount. Two different color of the motor mount design has strong visual effect, and it will be easy to know the direction of the quadcopter in the air.

Tarot 650 Sport quadcopter frame is specially designed for those who has requirements on "easy to carry", and it can used for monitoring, remote sensing, mapping, aerial reconnaissance, observing on fire, farm monitoring and some other fields.

The wheelbase diameter of the Tarot 650 Sport is 600mm, and the weight is 750g.

Package Includes:

1 xTarot TL65S01 Quadcopter Frame
4 xTarot 4S 4006/620 kv Brushless Motor TL68P02
4 xARRIS Simonk 30A 2-6S OPTO Brushless ESC
4 xTarot 1355 Carbon Fiber Propeller (2 pairs)