T-MOTOR P80 100KV Brushless Motor for Agriculture Drones

T-MOTOR P80 100KV Brushless Motor for Agriculture Drones

Item# GA0143
USD $199.00

With standardization of UAV industry segment, the requirements of users are growing rapidly. T-Motor, has always been keen in providing "the safest populsion system", is now releasing P-series motors for agricultural appliciation with powerful thrust and high performance after tremendous tests. P-series motors are capable of working in demanding enviroment with reliability and long service life.

Main Features:
17KG+ Thrust
Weight decrease is achieved by optimizing stator structure while maintaining its mechanical strength. Manual widing heps increase slot fullness for thrust above 17kg with power of more than 3300W.

Low Noise,Stable and Relable
36N42P configuration reduces motor vibration in operation for motor wearing diminution, service life extension and noise debasement. Motors run more smoothly than moors with general configuration at max. throttl.

Impact Resistant
Optimized machining precision and motor structure with motor core part protection effectively avoids cases as to the failure in motor utilization after crash and impact.

Dustproof and Water proof and cooling
Closed exterior and lattice structure take account of both dustproof, waterproof and cooling effects which handles usage in various enviroment.

Anti-corrosion coil
Special coating get the coil free of corrosion from pesticides.

Extensive Compatibility
T-Motor standard mounting holes are for T-motor 28" to 32" carbon fiber propellers. Meanwhile, there are M4 and M3 mounting holes on the motor base for different frames.

Internal Resistance: 45-51mΩ
Configuration: 36N42P
Shaft Diameter: 15mm
No. of Cells: 6-12S
Idle Current@10v: 1.3-1.6A
Max Continuous Power 180s: 2800W
Max Continuous Current 180S: 60A
Motor Diemensions: 91.6x43mm
AWG: 14#
Cable Length: 90mm
Weight: 650g (including cables)

Package Included:
T-Motor P80 100KV Brushless Motor x 1