Frsky R9 Slim Long Range Receiver T Antenna with R9M Module Super 8 Antenna

Frsky R9 Slim Long Range Receiver T Antenna with R9M Module Super 8 Antenna

Item# LA0062
USD $68.99
Frsky R9 Slim includes all the advantages of the previous R9 long range receiver. Other than that, R9 slim has the lower latency and own the best compatibility with all the FrSky transmitters. The redundancy function ensures the security of your aircraft, and its tiny shape with the reduced weight must be the best choice in your competition.The R9M module offers 4 switchable RF power outputs so you can choose the appropriate power for different flight situations.

Specifications of R9M Module:
Item Brane: Frsky
Compatibility : R9 series
Vin Voltage Range:4V-12.6V
External Power Supply: 4V~12V (2s Li-Battery is recommended )
(*3s Li-Battery is not recommended as external power supply, or it will damage)
Telemetry Interface: Smart Port
Upgrade Interface: Smart Port
Modulations: PXX or CPPM (auto-detected)

Specification of Super 8 Antenna:
Frequency Range: 868MHz ( EU LBT ) and 915MHz ( Non-EU FCC )
Peak Gain: 3dBi@900Mhz
Feed Impedance: 50 ohm
RF Cable: RG405 Semi-flexible
Connector: SMA internal screw hole
Compatible with modules: R9M and R9M Lite

Specifications of R9 Slim:
Dimension: 16*10mm (L*W)
Weight: 1.1g (including antenna)
Numbers of channel: Non-EU Version: 4/16CH (Telemetry)
Operating Voltage Range: DC 3.5V 12.6V(3s Li-Battery)
Operating Range: Up to 10km or above

Package Included:
Frsky R9 Slim Long Range receiver x 1
FrSky Ipex1 Dipole T Antenna x 1
Frsky R9M module x 1
Frsky Super 8 Antenna x 1