1. How much is the shipping to my place?
The shipping is calculated according to the weight of the parcel and the shipping method you choose. Add the items into cart, click check out, fill in your shipping address and choose the shipping method, click "update" button under shopping cart, you could see the shipping for your order

2. How do I change the shipping address?
If you found the shipping address is not right after you place the order, please inform us as soon as possible through email service@hobby-wing.com or online service. If the status of your order is shipped, we could not change it any more.

3. How long can I receive my order?
The shipping time depends on the shipping method you choose. Generally, the DHL takes about 3 to 5 days. EMS takes about 5 to 14 business days. Standard flat shipping method takes about 7 to 20 business days.

4. Can I get a coupon for my order?
We provide some coupons here timelessly. You can check whether there is proper coupon for you.

5. Do your listing prices include tax?
No, all the prices on our website do not include tax, and we do not charge any taxes on any products from our customers.

6. Do you accept installments?
No, we do not accept installments.

7. Order change
If we have not sent your order out, you can contact service@hobby-wing.com or online service, we can do some changes for your order.

8. Cancel the order
If the order has not been sent out, you can contact service@hobby-wing.com or online service, we can cancel the order and refund the money to you.

9. My order has not arrived
You can log in your account to check the status of the order. If the status is shipped, you can track the parcel according to the tracking number and tracking website we offer there. If the status is still processing and you did not receive any email from us, you can contact service@hobby-wing.com or online service.

10. Order status is still processing after several days
Please contact service@hobby-wing.com or online service.

11. Missing items in the parcel.
For some orders, the items were sent out in more than one parcel due to some reasons. The parcels may not arrive at the same time. If some items do not arrive, you can contact the service@hobby-wing.com or online service, for the missing items, we will send them to you again or refund it to you.

12. Wrong Items received in the parcel.
For this, please take some pictures and send it to service@hobby-wing.com or contact online service.

13. Missing packages
If the package is missing during transportation according to the official confirmation of the courier, we will resend the parcel to you or give you full refund. The consequent loss will certainly not be covered by customers.

14. Is the quality of the goods guaranteed?
All goods we carry are the standard stock products directly from the manufacturers, no reproductions. Besides, no RTF drones, radios, would be shipped unless we test them rigorously.

15. What is the returning policy?
For the returning policy, you can check here.

16. Why you charge me shipping when i select the Free shipping method?
For the free shipping method, it is only available for the items in US warehouse or other items which mark free shipping.

17. Empty Cart when i click my cart, but i did add items into cart
For this situation, please change to another broswer and try again. If the problem still exists, please contact service@rc-wing.com.

18. Why the price of the items in US is higher than those in China warehouse?
For the items available in US warehouse, we offer free shipping for them. But we do need shipping to send from China warehouse to US warehouse , and from US warehouse to your address. So we add them there. But the price is still cheaper than bought it from China warehouse directly.

19. Where is you US warehouse located?
We have two warehouses in US, one is in CA in the west of US, and the other is in NJ in the east of the US. And we will send your order from the near warehouse after you place the order on the website.

For other technical support, please contact service@rc-wing.com or online service.