Emax MT2206 1900KV Brushless Motor for RC 250mm Mini Quadcopter CW/CCW

Emax MT2206 1900KV Brushless Motor for RC 250mm Mini Quadcopter CW/CCW

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The emax MT2206 1900KV brushless motor is specially designed for 200-300 sizes multirotors, which weighs only 32g. It offers great performance at affordable price. Each motor is carefully balanced and tested before shipped out from factory. Using Japanese NMB ball bearing, Japanese Kawasaki stator, Ndfeb with strong magnetic and high temperature resistance, decreasing heat generation during operation, increasing efficieny.

1. Low CG design, ligth weight design, longer flight duration 
2. Factory has made dynamic balance test for each motor
3. Integreated processing between prop mount holder and motor cap
4. Adopts Japan NMB bearing, with low noise and longer lifetime
5. Adopts Japanese Kawasaki stator, with high efficiency and low heat
6. CW and CCW propeller adapters, holding propellers tightly. 
7. 100% balanced, decreasing vibration to the minimum.

Structure: 12N14P
KV: 1900KV
Length: 34.2mm
Rotor outer diameter: 27.9mm
Shaft diameter: 3mm
Lipo battery: 2-3S
Max. pull: 460g
Prop suggest: 6-8 inch
Weight: 32g
Package size: 108*68*31mm
Suitable for: 250mm wheelbase mini quadcopter, light weight fixed-wing copter, indoor 3D airplane

Please Note: We define the CW/CCW according to the motor rotation direction. So, please make sure to figure out the exact direction of your motor before make the purchase.