DJI N3-AG Flight Controller for Agriculture Spaying Drones

DJI N3-AG Flight Controller for Agriculture Spaying Drones

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DJI N3-AG Agriculture Flight controller system, based on the DJI N3 flight controller system, is designed for agriculture applications. It consists of flight controller, GNSS-Compass Pro, PWU (Power Management Unit) and LED module.

Main Features:
Flight Controller
1. Built-in inertial sensors for the measurement of aircraft attitude and built-in pressure sensor for the detection of aircraft altitude.
2. Support for multiple receiver types. If used with the DJI Datalink 3, the A3-AG has direct access to features in the DJI MG app such as intellignt planning and operation.
3. M1 to M8 are used to connect the ESCs of the aircraft and iESC for DJI Intelligent ESC

GNSS-Compass Module
The GNSS-Compass module has a built-in GPS/GLONASS and compass. The compass is used
for geomagnetic field measurements.

PMU Module
Supported the LiPo batteries. with built-in PMU providing power for the whole Flight Control
System and low voltage protection function.

LED Module
The LED Module has an integrated LED Indicator and Micro USB port.
A. The LED is mainly for flight control system status indication during flight (e.g. Flight Mode).
B. In addition, there is a Micro USB port for firmware upgrades via DJI Assistant 2.

Support Airframes 4-rotor: I4, X4
6-rotor: I6, V6, Y6, IY6
8-rotor: X8, I8, V8, IX8
Supported ESC output 400 Hz refresh frequency
Supported Receivers DJI Datalink 3
Recommended Batteries 3S-12S LiPo battery
Required Operation System Windows 7, 8 or later
Mac OS X 10.11 or later
Rated Power 5 W
Rated Peak Power 8 W
Input Voltage Range 10.5 ¨C 52 V
Static Electricity AD: ±8 kV
CD: ±4 kV
Operating Temperature 14° to 131° F (-10° to 55° C)
Weight Flight Controller: 66 g
GPS-Compass Pro: 60 g
LED Module: 15 g
PMU: 45 g
IMU Pro: 40 g
Dimensions Flight Controller: 64 mm x 42 mm x 19.5 mm
GPS-Compass Pro: 61 mm (diameter) x 13 mm
LED Module: 27 mm x 27 mm x 8 mm
IMU Pro: 34 mm x 26.5 mm x 20 mm
PMU: 51 mm x 34 mm x 13.5 mm