T-MOTOR F40 PROIII +F55A PRO STACK+T5143S Propeller for DJI FPV Kit

T-MOTOR F40 PROIII +F55A PRO STACK+T5143S Propeller for DJI FPV Kit

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NoGEPRC MARK4(+$49.99)IFLIGHT DC5(+$49.99)Laser HD(+$59.99)
With the coming of the The DJI Digital FPV System,it brings the user to the new fpv flying experience. And more and more of the Fpv racing drone frame kit now designed to suitable with it, which motor, esc and propeller is compatible with it? The following power combo is the DJI recommended power combo for the fpv systems.

dji fpv kit power

The DJI FPV kit power combo consists of 4 of T-motor F40 ProIII 2400kv brushless motor, T-motor F55A PROII +F4 HD stack and 2 pairs of the T-motor T5143S propeller. The FPV racing drone frame kit for DJI FPV system is optional in the drop-down menu.

Main Features of F40 ProIII motor:
Max.thrust improves by 6%(1.7KG+) for explosive flight. A furious symphony ripping in the sky
New cool apperance with improved durability
Hurtling without concern of thread damage from crash






T-Motor F4 with F55A PROII stack is specailly designed for fpv racing drones. Connecting the ESC and FC wiht a 10pin soft silicone wire, dramatically reducing the installing time and increasing the usability.

T-Motor F4 flight controller comes with LC filter, which can fully filter interference and provide a pure power supply enviroment for video transmitter and other equipement. The image is more clear and stable.T-MOTOR R55A PROII is a 4in1 ESC of high performance for demanding racing events with selected materials, reasonable PCB layout and adcanced technics for stable and swift operation under strong current.

FC Specifications:
Item Brand: T-motor
Item Model: T-MOTOR F4 Flight controller
Size: 37 x 37 x 7mm
Installation hole: 30.5mm x 30.5mm
Weight: 7g
MCU: STM32 F405 RGT 6
Gyro: ICM20602, MPU6000 (optional)
OSD: built-in
BEC: 5v/2a
Flash: The onboard 16M
Input Voltage: 2-8s (8.4V-33.6V)
Firmware: TMOTOR F4 (Betaflight)

ESC Specifications:
Item Brand: T-motor
Item Model: T-motor F55A PROII
Current: 4*55A
Peak Current (10S):4*75A
BEC: 10V@2.0A
Lipo: 3-6S
Weight: 17.5g
Size: 45 x 41 x 7.3mm

t-motor f4 stack

Package Included:
T-Motor F40 PROIII 2400KV Brushless Motor x 4
T-Motor F4 Flight Controller x 1
T-Motor F55A PROII 4in1 ESC x 1
T-Motor 5143S High Efficiency propeller x 4 (2CW+2CCW)