CUAV APM2.52/2.6 APM Flight Controller Board For Multicopter(ARDUPILOT MEGA 2.5.2)

CUAV APM2.52/2.6 APM Flight Controller Board For Multicopter(ARDUPILOT MEGA 2.5.2)

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APM2.5 APM Flight Controller Board For Multicopter APM2.0 Upgrade Version
- APM 2.5 is Upgarde version of APM2.0,and there¡¯s NO difference in performance at all between the two, the board is still the same in terms of functionally and it runs exactly the same code as APM 2.0. We just took the liberty of throwing in a few new universal connectors in there (so accessories can be cross compatible with the new PX4 and protect the user from connecting the cable in the wrong direction), some production improvements that will allows to manufacture it faster and finally we added some protection features to protect it from those reverse polarity/short circuit lovers.

Feature compared with APM 2.0
-  No more shield/daughterboard: magnetometer and dataflash were moved to the main board, making it easier to assemble, repair and hack. 
-  No more on-board GPS, but we added a new 6-pins DF13 connector for our new GPS cable standard (PX4) and kept the old but reliable Molex (EM-406) connector for old GPS compatibility. 
- The old radio-modem connector is gone and now is being replaced by our new 6-pins DF13 connector (like the GPS, because both are UART¡¯s. Got it?), this will make it compatible with PX4 and prevents users from blowing up the UART mux. 
- We added a second protection fuse and diode (you are no longer required to solder it yourself) for extra reverse polarity and short circuit protection. 
- The old I2C connector is gone and has been replaced by our new 4-pins DF13 connector (yeah PX4 compatible. Oh wait correction¡­ None of both (PX4 & APM2.5) are compatible with each other, we created this standard together as a team, but I have to give the average of the credits to PX4). 
- Added a ¡°mystery¡± 6-pin DF13 Connector that will be used later. I know you like surprises so please stay tuned. No big deal but is really cool and will save you some soldering here and there. 
- Added ¡°Magnetometer Jumper¡± that allows you to disable the on-board magnetometer, so you can attach an external one. 
- Added extra LED attached to the PPM encoder (Atmega32-U2) on pin PC7. This will allows us later to use it as PPM status indication and leave those poor TX/RX LED¡¯s do their intended job.

This listing doesn't including Ublox-6H GPS



u-blox 6 GPS

Less power. Less time.
u-blox 6 is the next generation GPS platform from u-blox. It features extremely low power performance for GPS applications and increased sensitivity while maintaining the fastest acquisition time on the market.

UBX-G6010 GPS receiver single-chip from u-blox

The advanced jamming suppression mechanism and innovative RF architecture of u-blox 6 ensures maximum GPS and GALILEO performance even in hostile environments. 

Chips and modules based on u-blox 6 are the ideal solution for high-performance, low-power, cost sensitive GPS applications such as automotive navigation systems, low-power tracker and loggers, smartphones, fleet and asset management systems, mobile computers and PNDs.

Less risk.
Products based on u-blox 6 are drop-in compatible with existing u-blox 5 chips and modules, allowing for simple, seamless, risk-free design. u-blox 6 also supports the upcoming new European satellite system GALILEO, giving your products the best of two positioning worlds.

  • u-blox 6 position engine with over 2 million effective correlators featuring <1 s acquisition
  • -148 dBm acquisition sensitivity (cold start), -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
  • 5 Hz update rate
  • Enhanced powersave mode: lower power consumption based on intelligent power management
  • Seamless operation with u-blox' wireless 2G and 3G modules to support Location Aware applications
  • Supports u-blox' AssistNow Online, Offline and Autonomous A-GPS services and is OMA SUPL compliant
  • Automotive qualified (AEC-Q100 compliant and manufactured according to the TS-16949 Quality Management Standard)
  • Embedded Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)
  • Minimal BOM costs
  • Jamming/interference Monitor to detect the presence of malicious behaviour
  • Supports RTCM (¡°Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services¡±)
  • Available as single-chip, chipset, or complete modules (AMY, LEA, MAX and NEO families)

Comparison to u-blox 5:

  • 35% acquisition current reduction
  • Faster acquisition in weak signal condition (3GPP compliant)
  • Signal sensitivity improved by 3 dB
  • Intelligent power management with Power Save Mode
  • 60% power saving over u-blox 5 at 1 Hz update rate
  • Drop-in compatible with u-blox 5 modules: migrating from existing designs made easy


To set up your APM 2.5 board using the Arducopter code,please go to:

To set up your APM 2.5 board using the Arduplane code,please go to: