BoYing Paladin Automatic Flight Controller System for Agriculture Drones

BoYing Paladin Automatic Flight Controller System for Agriculture Drones

Item# NA0088
USD $1,299.00

Boying Paladin flight controller system is specially designed for agriculture drones. It has two versions, one the basic version, and the other is the pro version. The pro version has the following features. 

Main Features:
1.Autonomous operation according to the scheduled route, once the route is planned, it can be reused;
2.One key take off, One key Landing
3.Terrain following, Height hold: The relative height between aerocraft and crops can be maintained with high precision rodar. The track is guided by the integrated navigation system, which can make sure that the flight is in a straight line.
4.High positioning accuracy, Long distance cruise
5.Low voltage alarm, Resume work. 
5.Configure high-pressure ceramic nozzle, spraying speed is adjustable, uniform spraying
6.Support breakpoints and continue to spray, support no drugs return, low power return
7.Support irregular land route planning
8.Support to set obstacle points, plan routes to avoid obstacle areas
9.Support Cell phone ground station
10.Reserve RTK interface, support upgrade and install RTK

Specifications of Main Controller Module:
Size: 94mm x 54mm x 20mm
Input Voltage: 18V-60V
Output Voltage: 5V
Output Current: 3A
Max Power Consumption: 4W
Compatible battery: 6S-12S
Vertical Hover Accuracy: +/-0.1m
Hovering Accuracy: +/-1.5m
Wind Resistance Level:<8m/s(about level 4)
Max. Tilt Angle: 35°
Working Temperature: -10℃-55℃
ESC Control Frequency: EXT-CH1-8,50Hz;MT-CH1-8,400Hz

Specifications of GPS:

The GPS adopts U-blox advanced receiver chip UBX-M8030 (M8), 72 signal channels, its performance far exceeds the previous single-mode version of 7N. Support multiple positioning systems GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F.BeiDou B1, can work in dual mode at the same time. 2.5dbi high gain high selectivity ceramic antenna. High frequency and low frequency isolation design. Four-layer wiring ensures stable performance. Impedance matching PCB. Integrated color LED status display.
Size: Diameter 55mm
Working Voltage: 5V
Horizontal Positioning Accuacy:<=3m

Datalink Combo

(TX on Ground)
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Battery Compacity: 3000mAh
Working Time: 4 Hours
Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
Communication Range: 2500m 

(RX in Air)

Size: 51mm x 39mm x 18mm
Working Voltage: 5V
Power Consumption: 0.75W
Frequency Bnad: 2.4GHz
Communication Range: 2500m

LED Indicator
Size: 30mm x 22mm x 19mm
Working Voltage: 5V
Power Consumption: 0.1W

Liquid Level Sensor:
Size: diameter 28mm
Working Voltage: 5V
Compatible with: Pesticide Liquid, water and etc. 
Sensing Distance: 20mm
Working Mode: Intelligent Contactless Mode

Handheld Mapping Box
The ground-surveying equipment designed for the full-fledged airline function in Paladin flight control system integrates GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou three-system multi-frequency high-precision satellite navigation modules and integrates low-power Bluetooth modules (the Bluetooth communication distance is approximately 8m. No obstruction about 30m), with Bluetooth state diagram indictor light, power indictor light and low battery warning light, built-in replaceable 2300mAh lipo-battery, continuous working time up to 12 hours, charging interface supports portable charger charging.
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Battery Compacity: 2300mAh
Working Time: 12 hours
Communication method: Bluetooth
Communication distance: 30m

Microwave Radar
The microwave radar is used in conjunction with Paladin flight control to enable the flight controller to intelligently control the relative height between the flying height of the drone and the top of the crop, basically unchanged, based on the altitude information fed back by the radar in real time. In order to facilitate the use of agricultural spraying drones, they can adapt to work in various terrains such as flat terrain, slopes and depressions.
Size: 70mm x 65mm x 20mm
Working Voltage: 5V
Power Consumption: 15W
Relative detection distance above vegetation: <=10m

PC/Mobile Ground Station
PC Ground Sation: Support WinXP, WIND7,WIN8 and above opertion system.
Mobile Ground Station: Support Andriod 4.2 and above version Mobile or PAD. 

Package Included:
1. Main Controller Module x 1
2. GPS Module x 1
3. LED x1 
4. Power Module x 1 
5. Datalink System x 1
6. Liquid Level Sensor x 1
7. Microwave Radar x 1
8. Handheld mapping box x 1
9. Groundstation software x 1