ARRISHOBBY ZHAOYUN pro 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal 32bit Version

ARRISHOBBY ZHAOYUN pro 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal 32bit Version

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Please Note:
For the AlexMos 32bit controller board, after hundreds of repeatedly testing, we got final conclusion that the current 2.41B4 version is the most stable one. We are not responsible for any bad influence caused by personally firmware upgrading to the latest version.

ARRISHOBBY ZHAOYUN Pro 3-axis brushless gimbal is specially designed for aerial enthusiasts. It is compatible with all kinds of Multirotors.

ARRISHOBBY Zhao Yun Pro is made of carbon fiber material, which has structure of high strength and light weight. The weight of the ARRISHOBBY Zhao Yun Pro is about 840g. It is compatible with most CCHD and micro DSLR in the market. Such as Sony Nex 5, Sony Nex 6, Sony Nex 7, Sony A6000, Canon EOS-M, Black Magic Pocket Camera and etc. However, we only suggest the 16mm pancake lens for those cameras.With other lens, it will influence the modification of the gimbal.

The specially designed metal block has a built-in slip ring, featuring super high integration, all the wires coming out from the top of this metal block, which makes the yaw and tilt axis be capable of rotation in unlimited 360 degrees and 45 degrees rotation on roll axis. The three motors adopt imported bearing, which could greatly reduce the motor friction, enhance stability and so as to extend the lifespan of the brushless gimbal. Besides, the ARRISHOBBY ZHAOYUN 3-axis brushless gimbal also has an A/V wire reserved for FPV transsmission, you cann`t imagine how magic it is! In addition, we use the world`s top hanging-ball method to reduce vibration of the gimbal, 16 damper balls could effectively prevent the gimabl falling off from the aircrafts, no longer to worry about the camera damage after a crash, and we also include a carbon fiber frame, it is just like a double insurance to protect the camera.



On the above picture, there are marks on the metal case.

VO---Video Output
CMD--- Mode Switch
Power--- 12V Power Supply

Note: There are 3 rows of pins for power, the middle row pins is "positive", and the lower row pins is "negotive". For the rest of the pins, the upper row is "signal", and the lower row is "negotive". When you connect the wire, please pay attention to it.

ARRISHOBBY Zhao Yun Pro adopts the original Basecam 32 bit version controller board. Customer can download the user manual or GUI for the controller board from you want to upgrade the firmware, remember to save the existing settings of the gimbal. After the upgrade, the setting may be cleared.

Latest Video Shoot with Zhaoyun 3-Axis Gimabl

Here is the video from Tage Mathiassen (ARRISHOBBY Zhao Yun with Sony A6000)

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Here is the test video of the ARRISHOBBY Zhao Yun Pro in hand: