ARRIS Chameleon 220 V2 5" 4-6S FPV Racing Drone with GPS
ARRIS Chameleon 220 V2 5" 4-6S FPV Racing Drone with GPS ARRIS Chameleon 220 V2 5" 4-6S FPV Racing Drone with GPS ARRIS Chameleon 220 V2 5" 4-6S FPV Racing Drone with GPS

ARRIS Chameleon 220 V2 5" 4-6S FPV Racing Drone with GPS

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If you are looking for a fast speed fpv racing drone for racing or freestyle? ARRIS Chameleon 220 is your best choice.
ARRIS Chameleon 220 V2 did not have painting on the frame. Flight controller changes to HGLRC F745 stack, vtx changes to higher power 800mw, and add one GPS. When you lose signal, the drone will fly to the home position, you can control it when you got signal. More safe.

ARRIS Chameleon 220 adopts ultralight weight design frame kit, the weight is only 71g. And it comes with RCINPOWER high end SmooX 2306 series brushless motor, Flycolor Omnibus F4 with ARM 32bit 4in1 40A ESC, CADDX Ratel Low latency FPV camera with 2.1mm lens, T-Motor T5143S 5" high efficiency propeller and foxeer lollipop antenna, the receiver is optional. The drone is fully assembled and tested, ready to fly.

There are two versions of the ARRIS Chameleon 220: 4S version and 6S version. The 4S version comes with Rcinpower SmooX 2306 2580kv brushless motor while the 6S one comes with the 1880KV motor , the rest of the components is the same.  

Main Features:
1.The arm is super thick(5mm) and narrow to increase durability and dynamic.
2.Lighter weight, fast speed that speed can achieve 180km/h,and more agile in racing and freestyle flight.
3.Use 12.9 level countersunk square gold screws,increase durability and beauty.
4.Compatible with most of 3D print, motor protection, shark fin, GOPRO in market.
5.The rear arm design,record perfect video without propellers trace.
6. The drone comes with 2306 motor and the max pull is over 2KG.
7.4 programmed LED lights make the drone more cool.
8. GPS installed, enable it is more safe during flight


Programmable LED on the arm, the color of the led is adjustable in the betaflight.



Name: ARRIS Chamelemon 220 Racing Drone
Wheelbase: 220mm
Thickness of arm: 5mm
Material: High-strength 3K carbon fiber board
Flight time:about 5 to 8 minutes 
Motor: SmooX 2306 Series
Propellers:5" propellers
Flight Controller:  F745 3-6S Stack
Battery:4-6S battery(not included)

Package includes:
1 x ARRIS X-speed 220 frame kit
1 x HGLRC Zeus F745 3-6S Stack 
4 x Rcinpower SmooX 2306 Plus Motor 
1 X T-Motor T5143S 5" propellers
1 X Caddx Ratel 2 2.1MM Camera
1 X HGL ZEUS 800mW Video Transmitter
1 X Foxeer Lollipop antenna
1 X BZGNSS BZ181 GPS for FPV Racing Drone 
1 X ARRIS 4S 1500mah Lipo Battery (4S Version) or
      Tattu R-Line V4.0 6S 1300mah battery (6S Version)
1 X Radio with receiver (optional)