Arris lander X5  Electric Retractable Landing Skid

Arris lander X5 Electric Retractable Landing Skid

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We did a uninterrupted test to the ARRIS Lander X5 landing skid in 32 minutes. To retract and lay down it for about 150 times, no matter the motor or the motion consistency of the two legs perform very good. After the test, there is almost no change of the temperature on the motors.

How to set the Failsafe Function on the Radio? (Take Walkera Devo 7 as example):

1. Connect the Lander-X5 controller board signal wire to the AUX2 channel on the receiver (You can use different channel according to actual conditions)
2. Bind the receiver with the radio
3. If there is no fixed ID setting in the radio, please set fix ID in the radio
4. After you set the fix ID well, assign the AUX2 channel to the specified switch, here we assign it to MIX switch
5. Set the failsafe value in AUX 2, here we set it at 80. For different radio, this value is not the same.
6. The failsafe function set successfully.

Package Includes:

  • Electronic Retractable Landing Gear x 2
  • Controler Board x 1
  • 22x20x400MM carbon fiber tube x 2
  • 14x12x500MM carbon fiber tube x 2
  • Metal 22mm/14mm T-joint x2
  • Landing Skid Sponge Absorber Protective Sleeve x4
  • M3 X 8MM screws x 2
  • M3 X 12MM screws x 2
  • M3 X 16MM screws x 2
  • signal wire x 1