ARRIS EP100 4 Axis 1000mm Multirotor Platform for Aerial Photography Mapping Inspection

ARRIS EP100 4 Axis 1000mm Multirotor Platform for Aerial Photography Mapping Inspection

Item# CC0007
USD $799.00
Frame KitFrame+Power System (+$600)
ARRIS EP100 is a light-load platform specially designed for industrial applications. It adopts a modular design concept. The main components can be quickly disassembled, flexible and versatile, and it is easy to customize and expand. The whole machine adopts matte black coating, which is more professional.

The outer diameter of the arm is 30mm, it did not come with motor mount. It compatible with the 6215 power combo, x6 power combo and related items perfectly.

Item Brand: ARRIS
Item Model: ARRIS EP100
Diagotal wheelbase: 1000mm
Arm Diameter: 30mm
Motor Mount: No
Size: 800x800x500mm
Frame weight: 3.5kg
Frame+Power combo weight: 6.5kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 16kg
Effective Payload: 1-5kg

Specifications of Power combo:
Motor: 6215 180kv
Propeller: 24x8.5 inch
Supply voltage: 12S
Weight: 0.76kg
Single Axis Load: 4-5kg

ARRIS EP100 flight platform is modular in design and each component can be custom designed to meet different endurance and load requirements.

The body is streamlined and full of science and technology.It is overall waterproof.The integrated power system uses FOC sine wave drive ESC, high-performance motors which provide a stronger power, less noise, higher efficiency for the drone.With the overall waterproof design, more safe to use in different situations.

Quick release arm design, the arm can be quickly disassembled for easy maintenance and replacement, and can greatly reduce the transportation volume.

The battery compartment can be replaced, and the battery compartment can be replaced according to the battery capacity to meet different flight requirements.
The main power cable exits from the side,and the battery interface is fixed on the side of the landing skid to avoid obstruction of the plug when replacing the battery. The plug connector is more secure and stronger.

Replacable quick release mount. Customer can quickly replace the mount device according to the application requirements of different scenarios. It can also customize the carry load according to special requirements.

Frame Kit Included:
ARRIS EP100 4 Axis Frame Kit x 1

Frame with Power System Combo:
ARRIS EP100 4 Axis Frame Kit x 1
X6 Propulsion System x 4 (2CW+2CCW)

Note: It is not assembled, and you still need to prepare power system(optional),flight controller, radio, receiver and battery to make it to fly.