ARRIS E616 6 Axis 16L UAV Agriculture Spraying Drone DJI Agriculutre Solution Kit N3-AG Radar

ARRIS E616 6 Axis 16L UAV Agriculture Spraying Drone DJI Agriculutre Solution Kit N3-AG Radar

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Flight Controller: 
N3-AG V2A3-AG V2(+$600)

ARRIS E616 complete version comes with the ARRIS E616 6 Axis 16L umbracing folding frame, DJI E5000 propulsion system combo, DJI N3-AG/A3-AG V2 (optional) flight controller, brushless water pump, Datalink remote controller, radar, obstacle avoidance radar, 6s 22000mah lipo battery and the charger. The system provides Route, A-B Route, Manual, and Manual Plus operation modes. You can plan, edit and change the flight route. Also you can set empty tank return to home, failsafe return to home and etc.

ARRIS E616 adopts integrated waterproof design body, the whole body washable, the folding method is embracing folding, quite easy to fold when you need to transport it.
Dignotal Wheelbase: 1630mm
Folded Size: 1000 x 950 x 600mm
Tank Capacity: 16L
Power source: Battery
Nozzle: 4pcs
Flight time: about 15 minutes
Working altitude:0-200m
Remote control distance: 1km-3km
Flight speed: 0-12M/S
Spray speed: 0-8M/S
Spray width: 4-6m
Spray flow: 0.2-4L/min
Flying downward airflow: 4-15m/s
Operation temperature:10~50℃
Motor/ESC/Propeller: DJI E5000 Power combo
Flight controller: DJI Datalink3 Radio
Battery: Tattu 6S 22000mah Battery
Charger: Skyrc P1080 charger

Waterproof Body
The body is streamlined and full of science and technology.It is overall waterproof, can be washed directly with water.


16L High Capacity Water Tank
Specially designed for bigger spaying aera. For the 16L water tank, it has big size liquid inlet, increase the efficiency.

ARRIS E616 UAV Drone

Hidden PDB
The new distribution board adopts a separate and hidden design to isolate the power supply and signals, optimize the internal electromagnetic environment of the aircraft, and provide a larger space for flight control installation, which makes the wiring more concise.

Anti-collision Extension Nozzle
Lengthen the nozzle, and connect it with soft silicone, which can effectively prevent the nozzel from breaking when subjected to external force.

Cool taillights, Quick Tuning
Unique hexagon tail light design, with the flight controlller indicator built-in installation, waterproor and concise. There is USB data dable interface in the button,Settings can be adjusted without removing the canopy, more convenient.

Reinforced Power Plug
The main power cable exits from the side,and the battery interface is fixed on the side of the landing skid to avoid obstruction of the plug when replacing the battery. The plug connector is more secure and stronger.

Reserved equipment expansion port
There are several equipement expansion ports reserved at the side and botton of the frame. It is convenient to install RTK, water pump, radar and other extended equipment under the premise of waterproof protection.

DJI E5000 Propulsion Systems
The E Series propulsion systems communicate with the A3-AG 2.0/N3-AG 2.0 flight controller in real time, making immediate
intervention possible. Short-circuit protection, interrupted motor protection, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, efficient cooling, and other functions allow for stable and reliable flight. Dustproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion features make plant protection operations possible even under harsh environmental conditions. Strong payloads allow for more possibilities for agricultural applications.

Max Thrust: 14 kg/rotor (44.4 V, Sea Level)
Recommended Battery: 12S LiPo
Recommended Takeoff Weight: 4.5 - 7.0 kg/rotor (Sea Level)
Operating Temperature: -10 C to 50 C
Stator size of Motor: 10010 mm
Motor KV: 120RPM/V
Motor weight: 520g
ESC Max Allowable Voltage: 52.2 V
ESC Max Allowable Current (Continuous): 80 A
ESC Max Peak Current (< 3 sec): 120 A
ESC PWM Input Signal Level: 3.3 V / 5 V Compatible
ESC Operating Pulse Width: 1120 to 1920 μs
ESC Signal Frequency: 30 Hz to 500 Hz
Battery: 12S LiPo
Diameter Thread Pitch:28 8 inch (711 203 mm)
Weight (Single Propeller): 161 g

DJI E5000 propulsion system

DJI N3-AG/A3-AG V2.0 Flight Controller
Highly optimized algorithms allow flight controllers to adapt to various agricultural applications and provide stable flight
control even when payloads shake during flight.The biggest difference between N3-AG and A3-AG is the A3-AG supports RTK, while the N3-AG does not.


With the DJI Agriculture management platform, users can check aircraft status and closely monitor the operation. It also makes it more convenient to manage aircraft and operators, check the land, and allocate operation tasks, making for more efficient team management.Sharing field plan files can help pilots avoid repeated labor, and the new optimized Banked Turning mode improves flight operation efficiency.

dji agriculture solution kit

Intelligent Planning
1.Users can plan, edit, and change flight routes.
2.Users can easily set and adjust pesticide usage. You can also choose between Efficient mode and Intensive Spraying mode for
different operational needs.
3.Through GS Pro, you can acquire real-time aerial images of the fields, set plant protection tasks, and export the tasks to your agricultural drones to begin a process automatically, making planning and operation more efficient.

dji agriculture solution kit v2

High-Precision Microwave Radar
The radars on the front and rear sides detect terrain, allowing the aircraft to adjust its height accordingly. The downward radar provides high-precision altitude. As the sensors scan, the agricultural drone is able to perceive changes in terrain, adjust its altitude, and maintain its altitude above crops, covering more ground efficiently.

High-Precision Obstacle Avoidance Radar Module
The high-precision obstacle avoidance radar allows for detection of obstacles in front of, or behind the aircraft at a distance ranging from 1.5 to 30 meters. While flying over fields with complex terrain conditions, the aircraft will alert the pilot when it detects an object. It will automatically hover in front of the obstacle and pause the operation.

dji obstacle radar

Package Included:
ARRIS E616 6 Axis 16L UAV Agriculture Drone frame x 1
DJI E5000 Propulsion system x 6 (3CW+3CCW)
DJI N3-AG/A3-AG V2.0 flight controller x 1 (Optional)
DJI Agriculture solution package V2.0 Pro x 1
Convert plate for agriculture package solution kit x 1
Sprayer Nozzle Mounting Parts for DJI E5000 x 4
Tattu 6S 22000mah Lipo Battery x 2
Skyrc PC1080 V2 charger for agriculture drones x 1

1. Due to the battery in this combo, your order may send out in several parcels with differnt courier.
2. This combo included everything you needed, you need to assemble it and tune it by yourself.