ARRIS E410 4 Axis 10kg UAV Agricualtural Spraying Drone

ARRIS E410 4 Axis 10kg UAV Agricualtural Spraying Drone

Item# CB0004
USD $899.00

Digonal Wheelbase: 1300mm
Folding Dimensions: 570x570x500mm
Payload: 10L
Frame Weight: 6.5kg
Frame with power equipement: 10kg
Max take off weight: 25kg
Spray lance width: 1800mm
Spraying swath: 4-3m (flight height is 1.5m to 2m)

Main arm length:216mm

Folding arm size:32mmx35mmx230mm

Power combo specifications:
Motor: 8118 100kv
Propeller: 30x8.0 inch
Voltage Input: 12S
Working pulse width:1120-1920us
Max Thrust: 15kg
Suggest thrust: 5-7kg

Main Features:
With the new industrial design, the entire body is waterproof. New integrated power system,adopts FOC sinusoidal drive scheme,strong power, high efficieny and super durable.

Waterproof Body
The body is streamlined and full of science and technology.It is overall waterproof, can be washed directly with water.

Cool taillights, Quick tuning
Unique hexagon tail light design, with the flight controlller indicator built-in installation, waterproor and concise. There is USB data dable interface in the button,Settings can be adjusted without removing the canopy, more convenient.

Hidden distribution board
The new distribution board adopts a separate and hidden design to isolate the power supply and signals, optimize the internal electromagnetic environment of the aircraft, and provide a larger space for flight control installation, which makes the wiring more concise.

Integrated waterproof power system
The new integrated power system uses FOC sine wave drive ESC, high-performance motors which provide a stronger power, less noise, higher efficiency for the drone.With the overall waterproof design, no fear of washing, and the dynamic highlight LED lights can feedback system status in real-time .

Reserved equipment expansion port
There are several equipement expansion ports reserved at the side and botton of the frame. It is convenient to install RTK, water pump, radar and other extended equipment under the premise of waterproof protection.

Increase the Pesticide tank inlet
The overall expansion of the drug-adding port reduces the spillage of the liquid and makes the dosing process smoother.

Reinforced power plug

The main power cable exits from the side,and the battery interface is fixed on the side of the landing skid to avoid obstruction of the plug when replacing the battery. The plug connector is more secure and stronger.

Frame Combo Included:
ARRIS E410 Frame x 1
Spaying system x 1

Frame with Power Combo Included:
ARRIS E410 Frame x 1
Spaying system x 1
8118 100KV motor x 4
80A FOC ESC x 4
30x8.0 inches folding propeller x 4

Some fully assembled pictures.