ARRIS D5 UAV Spraying Platform 5KG Payload Multirotor for Agriculture

ARRIS D5 UAV Spraying Platform 5KG Payload Multirotor for Agriculture

Item# CA0130
USD $549.00

Main Features:
Easy Operation: automatic planning, automatic flight, easy to control
Easy to Carry: patented folding design on the drone, the size is qutie small after folding
Stable Performance: it adopts aviation aluminium materials, CNC precision processing
High Efficiency: It can spray 33333㎡ filed each hour, about 30 times of manual operation.
Great Effect: The droplets from the sprayer is uniformly distributed on the crops. With the wind from the drone, the liquid can reach the root, increase the insecticide efficiency.

Model Type: X6
Diagonal wheelbase: 1050mm
RTF Dimension: 1120 x 980 x 500mm
Folding Dimension: 490 x 475 x 640mm
Flight Time: 8-12 minutes
Propeller: 20"
Working Voltage: 22.2V
Battery Recommended: 6s 16000mAh
Center Plate Material: Glass fiber
Arm: 25mm aviation aluminum material
Frame weight: 3294g
RTF weight: 9kg

Max payload: 5kg
Container Capacity: 5kg
Water pump: 3L/M
Pump pressure: 0.45Mpa
Suitable sprayer: fan nozzle /hollow cone nozzle
No. of sprayers: 4
Spray width: 3-6M
Speed: 1.2L/M
Atomized partical size: XR11001:130 ~ 250 μm
Best working height: 2-3M (Above the crops)
Spray efficiency: 3333㎡ per take off
Working temperature: -5℃~+40℃

Package Included:
ARRIS D5 UAV Spraying platform Kit with propellers (unassembled)x 1
Spraying system x 1

Note: Electronic parts, remote controller and battery are not included. It only comes with multirotor frame, propeller and spraying system.