ARRIS Mi600S 5.8G 600mW 32CH Long Range Wireless Mini Video Transmission TX for FPV

ARRIS Mi600S 5.8G 600mW 32CH Long Range Wireless Mini Video Transmission TX for FPV

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MI600S is the second generation of 5.8G FPV video transmitters. It keeps family characteristics of aluminum body, clover antenna. More over, the frequency is upgraded into 32CH, which is compatible with all receivers in market; uses even high class CNC machine to make the aluminum body that solve the heat and shield problem, meanwhile it looks even high-end and beautiful, keep leading the trend of 5.8G VTX. Compare to the last generation of VTX, Mi600s uses 5pin socket, and a 5pin power & data flat cable, which looks tidier and more convenient to use. Mi600s enlarge the length of the antenna, which makes it easier to adjust the direction. In addition, it improves the stability of 5V out that make sure no interference is produced when supply power to the external camera.

Product Features:
1. Perfect signal transmission from the super compact size, humanization configuration.
2. Transmission from a choice of 32 channels, it is compatible with all 5.8G receiver within proportional frequency (including all Fat Sharks).
3. Clover antenna is a standard feature, ensuring long range uninterrupted stable transmission.
4. Range over the ground is up to 2-3km without low interference, transmission distance can be significantly further from ground to air.
5. Build in with 5Pin cable, female connection "JST" for power supply, "output" for signal input.
6. Configuration: 7.4V-28V power supply, video out, 5v constant voltage output (supplying power to webcam & also charging the camera).
7. Channel option: slide switches 123456 to choose the designated frequency among the 32CH.

Super Mini, Super Light. High quality with CNC shell

The range of the original antenna is about 2 to 3km without barriers in the air. The video tx comes with the circular polarized antenna, and if the video RX adopts the 5.8G 14DB panel antenna, this range can reach about 4 to 5km.


  • Transmission Frequency: 5.8G
  • Transmission Power: 600mw
  • Frequency: 32CH
  • Input Voltage: 7.4V-28V
  • Antenna: Clover Antenna
  • Antenna Gain: 2db-3db
  • Working Current: 220mA @12V
  • Working Temperature: -10-85óJ
  • Video Format: NTSC/PAL Auto
  • Video Band Width: 8M
  • TX Net Weight: 20g
  • Physical Size: 31 * 23 * 9mm

Attention: Please strictly match Transmitter & Receiver to the same frequency.

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