ARRIS 5010 288KV Multi-copter Outrunner Brushless Motor

ARRIS 5010 288KV Multi-copter Outrunner Brushless Motor

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ARRIS Brushless Motor is jointly developed by Hobby-Wing and the most professional motor manufacturer in China. This professional motor has 2 series: multirotor motors and brushless gimbal motors. We pursue the highest quality from material to processing technology to ensure the outstanding quality of every ARRIS motor.
The advantage of ARRIS Motors is as follows:

  1. Motor Spindle: ARRIS motor adopts authentic Japan Kawasaki 20JNE1200 material. With this, the motor becomes more efficient and gets lower temperature during flight.
  2. Magnet: NdFeb N45UH high heat resistance magnet, with nickel plating on the surface. (T-Motor also use the NdFeb N45UH magnet)
  3. Varnished Wire: ARRIS Motor adopts 155 degree high heat resistance vanished wires
  4. Bearings: ARRIS 5010 adopts authentic EZO bearing
  5. Dynamic Balance: We ensure every ARRIS Motor has been processed by dynamic balance. And the balance quality can reach in 0.01 left/right. (This is the extremity of the balancing machine at present)

No Load Current: 0.4A
Maximum Power: 685W
Internal Resitance: 325ohms
Number of Poles: 12N14P
Maximum Propeller: 18 inches, recommend the 1861 propeller

Technical Data
Motor Diameter 57.7mm
Motor Length 29.5mm
Stator Diameter 50mm
Stator Length 10mm
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Weight 208.5g
Batteries 6Cells
Top Mounting Holes 12mm*12mm
Bottom Mounting Holes 25mm*25mm

5010 KV265
Technical Datas
KV 265 Motor Dimension(Dia*Len) 57.7mm*33mm
Configu-ration 12N14P Weight(g) 211g
Stator Diameter 50mm idle current(10)@10V(A) 0.43A
Stator Length 10mm NO.of Cells(Lipo) 6S
Shaft Diameter 6mm ˇˇ ˇˇ
Volts(V) Prop Amps(AŁ© Watts(W) Thrust(G) Thrust(OZ) Efficiency(G/W) Efficiency(OZ/W)
24V CF1865 3.0 72.0 825 29.10 11.46 0.40
6.0 144.0 1370 48.32 9.51 0.34
9.0 216.0 1760 62.08 8.15 0.29
12.2 292.8 2200 77.60 7.51 0.27
16.8 403.2 2730 96.30 6.77 0.24
21.0 504.0 3230 113.93 6.41 0.23