ARRIS 1555 High Efficient Folding Propeller w/Bracket (CW/CCW) AR100D04

ARRIS 1555 High Efficient Folding Propeller w/Bracket (CW/CCW) AR100D04

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ARRIS 1555 high efficient folding propeller bracket adopts 6061T6 aluminum ally CNC processing; it is compatible with all kinds of motors which have 12mm x 12mm mounting holes. The propeller with metal folding bracket is easy to carry, and is of high efficient. For the 1555 folding propeller, it adopts new optimize propeller size design and high strength engineering material. So the ARRIS 1555 propeller has better flexibility and stability, it could gain over 10% efficient improvement and stronger power reserve. It is compatible with quad-copter, hexa-copter, octa-copter and some other mutlicopters.

Overall length: 173mm
Diameter: 15inch
Weight: 8g (1 piece)
Diameter of center hole: 3.0mm
Thickness of mounting plate: 3.95mm

1. Compatible with vavious disk type multicopter motors: T-MOTOR, Sunnysky, Hengli, Dualsky and LOK etc.
2. Gives 10% efficiency boost.
3. Has higher strength than original DJI`s.
4. More convenient to install and disassemble than that of DJI`s.
5. Convenient to transport so as to protect the propellers.

Application (meet following requirements):
1. Motor installing method is disk type.
2. There is no protruded motor shaft or with protruded shaft less than 8mm (including 8mm).
3. For motors with protruded shaft, the dia. should be less or equal to 4mm.

Package Includes:
2 x Metal clamp upper holder (61123MM) 3.2g
2 x Metal clamp down holder (61185MM) 4.8g
4 x M312MM Collar Screw 0.9g
4 x M38MM Head Screws 0.8g
8 x Nylon Gasket
2 x 1555 folding propeller CW
2 x 1555 folding propeller CCW