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XAircraft X650PRO Quadcopter W/SuperX Super Combo

XAircraft X650PRO Quadcopter W/SuperX Super Combo
USD $1,029.00
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Product Description

XAircraft X650PRO W/SuperX FC Basic Version (Not Assembled)

After one year`s waiting, XAircraft finally released their new X650Pro. It is the upgrade version of X650Value, aimed at working for professional flyers and aerial enthusiasts. X650Pro is strengthened and upgraded in large variety of areas. Stocked brushless motor is high-end products producessed by T-Motor and the propellers are original APC imported, motor holder is also upgraded to CNC all-in-one design from original plastic materials. So, the whole strength and reliability of X650Pro frame are greatly improved. X650Pro can satisfy most customers requirment for heavy load and longer flying time. Excellent dynamic balance of its power system endows X650Pro pefect performance in aerial photography, reduced the possibility of "jelly". Equipped with SUPER X flight controller and GPS system. Features Auto-take off, auto-landing, self-return-home and high accuracy position hold.

Feature of X650Pro:
- Foldable, easy to carry.
- More payload and long time at pickup altitudes.
- New version Flight Control of XAircraft SuperX Flight Controller which has gimbal auto-compensation built-in.
- Battery: Requires 4S Lipo, >20C.
- ESC: XAircraft 20A ESC.
- Motor:Specified T-Motor 3110 Motor, 800KV
- Propeller: APC 11x47
- Take-Off Weight:
1800g (including 4S 5800mAh battery) 20mins flight time
2500g (including 4S 5800mAh battery) 14mins flight time
- Dimension: Diameter: 570mm; Height: 270mm
- Hangable Height: <157mm
- Frame (No power units): 535g
- Frame (power units included): 1075g
- Empty Kit (battery not included): 1265g
- Max. Gross Take-Off: 3000g
- Max. Payload: 1735g

Features of SuperX:

  • Easy to Use: Only few configurations is need before flight, can do configurations with green software.
  • Flight Mode: Manual Mode, Attitude Mode and GPS Attitude Mode.
  • Security: Auto Return to Home and Auto-landing, Hovering
  • Gimbal: Supports Servo Gimbals and Brushless Gimbals.
  • Module Expansion: OSD Module, WIFI Data Transmission Module.
  • Blackbox: Can record 40 minutes of flight, and can share your flight with friends.
  • Full Aluminum Cover: CNC cutting process, reliable quality.

Differences between Basic, Standard and Pro Version
Except the function, SuperX basic version and SuperX pro version share the same hardware and performance. If User wants to upgrade his SuperX, he just needs to upgrade corresponding firmware. With the advance of Research and Development, Superx will be explored to support more functions. The following information will be updated anytime.






SuperX Flight Controller, IO, GPS and LED


Use the same configuration software

Copter Types

Quad copter
(X and + Style)

Quad copter
(X and + Style)

(X, + and Y6 Style)

Quad copter
(X and + Style)

(X, + and Y6 Style)

(X, + and X8 Style)


OSD, Brushless gimbal and Ground Station

Package Includes:
1 x X650PRO Frame
4 x P7001 Brushless Motor
4 x E7007 30A ESC
2 x P7002-A APC1147SF Propellers
2 x P7002-B APC1147SFP Propellers
1 x SUPER-X Flight Controller (Basic Version)

USD $1,029.00
[out of stock]

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