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Latest Version XAircraft X650-PRO V8 eight rotor aircraft super combo(P+V2)

Latest Version XAircraft X650-PRO V8 eight rotor aircraft super combo(P+V2)
Item# MH-XA-X650-V8-P
USD $750.00
[out of stock]
Replacement Parts

Product Description

XAircraft recently released FC1212-P professional flying control device officially. At the same time, they also published Auto-Pilot module, AHRS-S/V2, AHRS-P, Power Monitor and Compass, Pilot, USB Link with outer cases. With the coming of FC1212-P and relevant modules, XAircraft will cause a big revolution in its multirotor flying control. Flyers can also obtain better experience.

From mid December, X450, X650Value Series helicopter will be sold together with FC1212-P flying control and AHRS-S/V2. Besides, Auto-Pilot and Compass still available at optional components.

FC1212-P flying control modified measurements:
1. Increasing width of signal wire socket, which makes it be more easier to install the plugs.
2. Holding higher speed processor, with better performance.
3. Adjusing definition for partial input/output port.
4. Supporting two kinds XAircraft AHRS, AHRS-S/V2 and AHRS-P.
5. INPUT 11 port is Serial Bus input, supporting Serial Data for Futaba and JR, which greatly decrease cables that connecting receiver and flying control.
6. Built-in black-box function, capable of recording lastest 30-40 minutes flying data.

X650 Value-8 and X650 Value-4 use the same frame, flight controller, brushless motor, ESC and propeller, which means the V8 has all the excellent characters of V4, only different in motor numbers. The X650 Value-8 has totally 8 brushless motors, so as to offer greater load capacity.  Those who already had the X650 Value-4 could upgrade the v4 to v8 easily through separately purchasing additional 4 brushless motor, 4 ESC and 4 propellers! Of course, if you want, the v8 could be degreed to v4, because the x650 V4 will be more power saving and have a longer flight time.

hobby-wing.com - Xaircraft X650-PRO V8 Flying Test

X650 Value-8 standard configuration
1x X650 Value frame (including landing gear,carbon fiber + Engineering plastics materials)
1x X650 Value high strength frame
8x out-runner brushless motor
8x 10A brushless motor
4x 10 inch clockwise blade
4x 10 inch counter-clockwise blade
1x XAircraft FC1212-P flight controll unit
1x XAircraft AHRS-S/V2 Attitude and Heading Reference System
1x XAircraft USB-Link PC linker
1x XAircraft Parameter Adjustment software

Optional accessories
1x XAircraft Auto-Pilot+Compass
1x CMGOPRO-TP(specially for GOPRO) or CM130C-TPS(specially for cards)two-axial camera mount or traditional single-axial camera mount.

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly(not included):
- Transmitter(4-channel or more)
-.Receiver(4-channel or more) 
- 11.1v/15c/2200mah lipo battery pack;
- battery charger
- battery alarm (highly recommended)

Item# MH-XA-X650-V8-P
USD $750.00
[out of stock]

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