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Walkera QR Infra X 6-Axis Quadcopter RTF W/DEVO8S

Walkera QR Infra X 6-Axis Quadcopter RTF W/DEVO8S
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Replacement Parts
Walkera QR Infra X 6-Axis Quadcopter RTF W/DEVO7
Walkera QR Infra X 6-Axis Quadcopter RTF W/DEVO7

Product Description

1). Dimensions: 10.8x10.8cm
2). Height: 6.2cm
3). Weight: 73g(Battery included)
4). Motors (x4): HS-8520
5). Receiver: RX2457H-D
6). Battery: 3.7V 600mAh
7). Radio range: ≤ 100m
8). Flight time: 5-7min
9). Radio: DEVO8S
Selectable Transmitter: DEVO 6S/7/7E/10/12S (not include)

Test Flight Videos

1). The latest 6-Axis Stabilizing system ensures more stable flight.
2). Adopted Infrared Obstacles Avoidance system helps aircraft to avoid the obstacles automatically
3). Adopted Ultrasonic Altitude Hold system enables aircraft keep flying at relative height.
4). When turn off the IR Sensor and Infra Sensor switches,the Infra X can make beautiful curvers by using only Aileron and Elevator and no Rudder.
5). This is very perfect flyer for professional pilots as well as beginners!

Package Includes:
1). Infra X Quadcopter x 1
2). DEVO8S Transmitter x 1
3). Extra Propellers x 4
4). CD Manual x 1
5). 3.7V 600mAh Battery x 1
6). USB Charger x 1

Walkera Devention DEVO8S 8CH Radio Set(LCD Series)
The Built-in Telemetry helps to inspect fast Model data.
You can enjoy your flight without any doubt about the safty problem as the built-in telemetry feature gives you swift and real-time feadback of the model data. The data fast help you learn the Battery Voltage. Temperature, RPM and GPS information that can prevent crashes and monitor the model flying status. You just need to slightly touch the screen, the telemetry data would be easily found. You can also have the DEVO 8S alert with a beep audio whenever any telemetry values exceed the fefined limits.

1).Type: 2.4G 8 channels
2).Sensitivity :-105dBm
5).Power suppy: 5V

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