T580 Quadcopter with Camera Mount Combo

T580 Quadcopter with Camera Mount Combo

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T580 Quadcopter with Camera Mount Combo

T580 four-rotor aircraft is a high-performance model plane which is positioned on aerial photography players. It is brief in shape, stable in flying, easy in operation.

  • High efficiency: 12-inch slow paddle + disc direct drive brushless
  • Stability: 6 DOF motion measurement and control, the use of high-performance MEMS sensor technology, impact resistance, low drift.
  • Simplicity: Independent core system, compatible with all remote control devices, only needs 4 channels transmitter can make it fly.
  • Easy to use: quick installation, intuitive operation, with two-dimensional self-stable head support, but aerial player.

It rely on the four brushless motor,direct drive propeller as the push power, achieve self-stabilization suspention. By remote control of the system, the airplane is able to make vertical takeoffs and landings, fixed hover, fly around the left and right side, about three-dimensional self-rotation space action.

A holder can be installed below the airplane for holding a digital camera,webcam,light DV and other aerial photography equipment.The holderĄ¯s angle can be adjusted by remote control equipments for different visual angles.  Head fixation with the aircraft, using self-designed shock absorber damping suspension system, an effective vehicle body vibration filter to eliminate the aerial image ripples.

Tripod head suspension point is located on the beam, a fixed tripod, it can be a quick disassembly, easy to carry out.

Electronic equipment

1):High-speed dedicated brushless electric stressed that sustainable output current of 12A, overload performance, special blocking protection strategy to effectively prevent the burning of power tubes. Built-in communications signal monitoring mechanism, the input signal interruption will gradually turn off the motor output.

2):The flight control runs fast and stable by using the high safty and technical grade control unit, combining the latest high-performance MEMS transducer to achieve the stable and reliable posture control.8 receiversĄ¯signals can be captured to achieve posture control and PTZ operation.

3:)This software system is specially aimed at Four-rotor modelĄ¯s development which has full independent intellectual property rights.Based on the intellective fuzzy algorithmĄ¯s self-adaption parameter, it leaved out setting steps to be user-friendly and keep the aircraft stable.

T580 Camera Mount (Shock Absorbed)(servo not included)

This camera mount uses rubber mounts and is fully shock absorbed. Glassfiber camera mount makes the flying be more light weight and tough.

Fitting a 9g servo (not included) allows the operator to control the angle of the camera while in flight.

Fitted with mini shock absorbers for vibration reduction.

Control Tilt action by radio switch or can be used with on board electrics for auto level function of the mount.

Package Includes:
1. T580 Four Rotor Helicopter
2. Landing Skid
3. 5 X Main Rotors (4 on the aircraft, 1 for spare)
4. 2 X Velcro Battery Strap
5. 2 X Extra Motor Shafts
6. Camera Mounting Ring for "+" mode flying or "X" mode flying
7. Free Camera Mount (No servo)
8. English Manual

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly(not included):
1.Transmitter(4-channel or more)
2.Receiver(4-channel or more)
3.3S 11.1V 2200mAh li-Po Battery