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Tarot 450 Pro 3D RC Helicopter Kit Barebone(Shaft Driven Edition,80% Assembled) TL20003

Tarot 450 Pro 3D RC Helicopter Kit Barebone(Shaft Driven Edition,80% Assembled) TL20003
Item# HC-TA-TL20003
USD $105.00
Replacement Parts

Product Description

The 450Pro is a true evolution for 450 helicopters. The head on this PRO is really a shrunk T-Rex 700N head, and it flies bigger almost like a 500 size heli. The cyclics are quick and the collective performance is crisp and accurate. The combination of one-piece carbon fiber frame, a large plastic tail boom block, front plastic battery tray, and aluminum bearing blocks results in a very stiff design. It tracks extremely well through large maneuvers but also has the accuracy and precision to be flown extremely low through hardcore stick banging 3D. This makes it a pleasure to fly but also a superb practice machine for learning new maneuvers. For intermediate to advanced pilots, Skyfire Pro is the best choice.

Easiest Assembling
The 450Pro probably is the easiest helis you have ever built.  We have completed 80% of the work for you out of the box.  The entire head, tail case, and frame come pre-assembled.  To complete the head install you only have to build two linkage rods from the swash to the upper mixing arms.  The other four links on the head are a new one-piece plastic molded link.  This means when you get to the radio setup and flight testing, you only have one pair of links to adjust to get proper pitch and tracking.  The cyclic servos are no longer mounted in the frame, but instead the main shaft bearing blocks double as servo mounts.

Specifications: Length:635mm
Main Rotor Diameter:710mm
Tail Rotor Diameter:158mm
Motor Drive Gear:13T
Main Drive Gear:150T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:106T
Tail Drive Gear:25T
Frame Material:Carbon Fiber
Frame Type:Single Piece
Servo to Swash Linkage:Direct
Servo Size:Micro
Rotor Grips:Metal
Head Block:Metal
Swash Type:CCPM 120°
Tail Drive System:Shaft Driven
Tail Pitch Slider:1 point
Tail Blade Grips:Metal
Tail Case:Metal
Boom Struts:Carbon

High precision CNC Aluminum CCPM design guarantees accurate and smooth movements and allows for more collective and cyclic pitch on a 450 than ever before
Integrated battery mount design makes it more durable and guarantees the consistency of C.G.
The kit also comes with new style tail blades which are quite long and slim and the whole tail rotor holder design is efficient concerned of centripetal force.
Radio transmitter and electronic equipment are not included.
Item# HC-TA-TL20003
USD $105.00

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