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Home > ARRIS ZHAOYUN 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal(Compatible with most DSLR&Gopro3)

ARRIS ZHAOYUN 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal(Compatible with most DSLR&Gopro3)

ARRIS ZHAOYUN 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal(Compatible with most DSLR&Gopro3)
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The ARRIS Zhao Yun with 8 bit version basecam simpleBGC controller board is discontinued. Now we upgrade it to the 32 bit version controller board, you can check here
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ARRIS ZHAOYUN pro 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal 32bit Version
ARRIS ZHAOYUN pro 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal 32bit Version
ARRIS ZHAOYUN pro 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal 32bit Version
ARRIS ZHAOYUN pro 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal 32bit Version

Product Description

ARRIS ZHAOYUN 3-axis brushless gimbal is specially designed for aerial enthusiasts, especially suitable for ARRIS M680, also can be used on many other heavy load multicopters, such as ARRIS M1000, M1050 and DJI S800, etc. It is made by carbon fiber material, having structure of high strength and light weight. It is compatible with most CCHD and micro DSLR in the market. The specially designed metal block has a built-in slip ring, featuring super high integration, all the wires coming out from the top of this metal block, which makes the yaw and tilt axis be capable of rotation in unlimited 360 degrees and 45 degrees rotation on roll axis. The three motors adopt imported bearing, which could greatly reduce the motor friction, enhance stability and so as to extend the lifespan of the brushless gimbal. Besides, the ARRIS ZHAOYUN 3-axis brushless gimbal also has an A/V wire reserved for FPV transsmission, you cann`t imagine how magic it is! In addition, we use the world`s top hanging-ball method to reduce vibration of the gimbal, 16 damper balls could effectively prevent the gimabl falling off from the aircrafts, no longer to worry about the camera damage after a crash, and we also include a carbon fiber frame, it is just like a double insurance to protect the camera.

The Features of ZHAO YUN 3-Axis Gimbal

Support Camera Sony NEX£¬Canon EOS M, Panasonic DMC-GF, SAMSUNG NX1000, Nikon J, S, OLYMPUS E-PL,E-P5,E-PM2, FUJIFILM X-M,Gopro 3/3+,AEE, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera...(You can check whether your camera is fit for the gimbal according to the size of the camera frame on the gimbal£©
Camera Installation Method Three-point fix method.
This solved the compatibility and stability of the gimbal effectively.
Parameter Settings High parameter settings, the modification function of the gimbal works well
360 degree unlimited rotation of the pitch and Yaw YES,The ARRIS Zhao Yun adopts the slip ring design, integrated the IMU sensor wire,
video output wire, which enable the 360 degree rotation of the pitch and Yaw unlimited. This solved the problem of the wire intertwined.
Real-Time Output Video Solution Integrated with the video output wires, which reserved cable connector for Nex series cameras and GoPro. Besides, you can choose the external mini camera, this can solve the problem of outputing video in real time in different situations by different cameras
Lens Recommended Wide Angle Prime Lens (For example, 16mm prime lens for Nex series cameras and 22mm prime lens for Canon Eos-M camera£©


The solidity of the camera fixed on the gimbal determines the quality of the image. If the camera is not fixed firmly, it will increase¡¡the vibration of the gimbal and decrease the quality of the video.

ARRIS ZHAO YUN adopts self-designed three-point fix method. So it can fix various micro DSLR cameras and GoPro on the gimbal firmly. This solved the compatibility and stability of the¡¡gimbal effectively.

There are 3 holes where you can install the metal column, and the column can move from front to back. For different cameras, you can choose the proper position for it.

Compatible with GoPro 3/3+ perfectly
Zhao Yun is designed for micro DSLR camera at first; however, we also consider the actual requirements of the customers during our design. So the gimbal now is compatible with GoPro 3 perfectly. In this case, the flyer can use different cameras for aerial photography easily without changing the multicopter and gimbal.£¨You need to purchase the GoPro mounting case separately, the link for it is: £©

Arris ZhaoYun is Compatible with Gopro Hero3
Test Video

The New version of ARRIS Zhao Yun adopts the slip ring design, integrated the IMU sensor wire, video output wire,camera shutter cable, which enable the 360 degree rotation of the pitch unlimited. This solved the¡¡problem of the wire intertwined.


ARRIS Zhao Yun gimbal comes with extra wire connector for camera shutter cable(2014/05/04 update). How to connect the wires? Please look at the following image:

(Note: You need to control the shutter througth the 2 position switch or 3 position switch on the transmitter, for the detail setting method, please read the user manaual of the RC shutter cable)

Realtime Video Output Solution
(Support Sony Nex series Cameras and GoPro 3 on ZhaoYun 2 Axis Gimbal and Zhao Yun 3 Axis Gimbal)
To output the video from camera in real time during the aerial photography, we have efficient solutions for Sony series cameras. Just use the video TX/RX system and the HDMI to AV cable, then you can output the video from the camera in real time. (The relevant equipment can
buy from

ARRIS ZhaoYun reserved the video output cables as shown in the following picture. This¡¡integrated design can avoid the interference to the roll rotation.

Connect the Video wire for Nex5 (Only for Nex 5)

Connect the Video wire for Nex7  (Fit for Nex series cameras)

Connect the Video wire for Gopro3/3+



Please Note:
1. Each brushless gimbal was pre-assembled and strictly tested before shipped out, the parameter would be recorded on a disc and sent with the package.
2. Alexmos controller is very, very sensitive to vibrations. So if props, engines, copter frame are not balanced or you copter is flexible than it will cause bad reactions of gimbal in flight. This is very important thing because it is not a case of gimbal but first of all it is case of copter, motors, props...
3. The ARRIS ZHAOYUN brushless gimbal is a new technology and an even newer product, we might make adjustments to have the products perform better, through either hardware improvements or software updates. As for these adjustments, holds the final right to interpret.

Features of Alexmos SimpleBGC controller:

  • Weight: 17g (including sensor and wire)
  • Main board size: 50 x 50mm

For more information and trouble shooting, please refer to developers official website:

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