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ARRIS M680-4S Carbon Fiber Foldable Quadcopter Frame

ARRIS M680-4S Carbon Fiber Foldable Quadcopter Frame
Item# MH-ARRIS-M680F-4S
Replacement Parts
ARRIS M680-4S Carbon Fiber Foldable Quadcopter Super Combo (Not Assembled)
ARRIS M680-4S Carbon Fiber Foldable Quadcopter Super Combo (Not Assembled)
ARRIS M680 Carbon Fiber Foldable Hexa-copter Frame
ARRIS M680 Carbon Fiber Foldable Hexa-copter Frame

Product Description

Arris M680 4S is the first new product released by in 2014. The main feature of it is as follows: High Strength, Foldable, Heavy Payload, Long Time of Flight and Good wind-resistance. It is specially designed for the GoPro aero photography. And it solved the existing problem of short flight time and bad wind-resistance of most of the GoPro quadcopters in market.

2.0mm 3K Carbon Fiber Frame
Lightweight frame design but high strength
Foldable Design
Extremely high stability
Perfectly compatible with ARRIS CM2000, CM3000 and ARRIS ZHAOYUN Brushless Gimbal
Shaft distance( Distance from motor to motor): 680mm
Tube diameter: 16MM
Frame Weight: 700g

Package Include:

  • ARRIS M680-4S frame set x1(50% Assembled, Electronic Equipments are not included)

Recommend configuration:

  • ARRIS 3508/380KV Brushless Motor for Multi-copter
  • ARRIS Carbon Fiber Propeller 15x5.5
  • HobbyWing 30A ESC for multicopter
  • 6S battery 5000-10000MAH


The same as ARRIS M680, ARRIS M680-4S adopts the sliding rail folding method. With this folding method, the ARRIS M680-4S is easy to carry, and at the same time, it ensures the maximum structure strength.

The main frame of ARRIS M680 4S adopts full carbon fiber materials. The main frame adopts the 2.0mm 14 layers full carbon fiber plate with 3K carbon fiber cloth on the surface. The motor arm and landing skid adopts the 14x16mm carbon fiber tube.

There are many so-called carbon fiber materials in the market. For this material, it covers with 3K carbon fiber cloth, but inside the material is glass fiber. The cost of this material is only half of the full carbon fiber one. You can recognize it from the cross section of the material. For full carbon fiber material, you can see obvious layer texture from the cross section. For glass fiber material, you could not see it.

Under the lower plate, we pre-installed four damping sets for installing gimbals. It is compatible with ARRIS CM2000, ARRIS CM3000, Tarot 2 Axis GoPro Gimbal, ARRIS Zhao Yun and some other gimbals. Therefore, it will be easy to install the gimbal to ARRIS 680-4S.

In order to facilitate the assembling, folding and maintaining of the frame, we consider the screw holes between upper plate and lower plate, between upper plate and battery plate during our design. With those holes, it will be convenient to install the screws.

The landing skid fixed on 16mm carbon fiber tubes, it will be easy to upgrade to all kinds of retractable landing skids.

M680-4S RTF ($849.99)


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