ARRIS CM2000 Gopro2/3 Brushless Motor Gimbal V5.0 (2013-08-26 Update)

ARRIS CM2000 Gopro2/3 Brushless Motor Gimbal V5.0 (2013-08-26 Update)

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Arris Gopro Brushless Motor Gimbal CM2000 V5.0 (Updated on 2013-08-26)

The latest version ARRIS CM2000 V5.0 could be completely compatible with DJI Phantom.

Please Note:
1. Each brushless gimbal was strictly tested before shipped out, instruction manual and parameter would be recorded on a disc and sent with the package.
2. The gimbals are now complete for production and we had sent more than 1500pcs out; however, we under estimated the demand and the ability of the factory to deliver on schedule at the beginning, which has caused the order delay in a large scale, besides calibration is really a time-comsuming thing. Thus, all the orders placed right now would be further delayed for at least 2-3 days. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.
3. The ARRIS CM2000 brushless gimbal is a new technology and an even newer product, we might make adjustments to have the products perform better, through either hardware improvements or software updates. As for these adjustments, holds the final right to interpret.

4. The brushless gimbal controller is very sensitive to vibrations. So if props, engines, copter frame are not balanced or your copter is flexible, then it will cause bad reactions.

As we all know, motor driven brushless gimbal would be the trend in the future. We have spent lots of time, engergy and money in researching and developing them, finally, Arris CM2000 gopro brushless gimbal comes out. It is a gimbal based on brushless motor drive which is suitable for GOPRO2,3. What we offered is a complete kit composed of one carbon fiber main frame, two rewound motors, four dampers, a YTV3 V5.0 open source controller and IMU included sensor. The CM2000 brushless gimbal is adjustable and calibrated, so it can be balanced perfectly. Speical made high quality motor can ensure the best performance. There are lots of people sell such kind of brushless gimbals, they just simply put all the electronic components together and then named it "brushless gimbal";however, they ignore a most important thing that is calibration and balancing. Our technicians are all professional, we have done all these for you.

ARRIS CM2000 V5.0 is compatible with DJI Phantom, F450, F550, FY680, XA450, XA650 and many other multicopters in the market.

There are lots of customers asked whether the ARRIS CM2000 brushless gimbal can be adjusted so that the roll axis is in line with the GoPro lens? The answer is YES. However not suggest. Someone claimed lens in centre could offer better offset correction; the fact is for brushless gimbals, the revising effect has already been good enough. While the purpose of arranging the lens offset (picture showed) is to allow PFV, the realtime transmission, which is unavailable for lens centered structure. So, think about the trade-off, we prefer to have the lens in the default position.

If you have any specific requirment about the roll motor position, please email us before place the order, or we will send default version to you.

ARRIS CM2000 V5.0 Manual Download:

Difference between V5.0 and V4.0:
The V5.0 comes with Official Legitimate Alexmos SimpleBGC Brushless Controller, while V4.0 does not, thus the gimbal could be more stable in performance.

Why do we choose the official Alexmos Simple BGC Brushless controller?
With the previous ARRIS CM2000 brushless gimbal, we got some feedbacks from customers that the first day it works perfect and then the second day it just die without any reason. After testing, it turns out to be the board problem. Though such occision does not always happen `cause we had pretested the gimbal, however, it still hinted we need to find a better solution, that`s why we consider the official alexmos simply BGC controller. Not saying the previous boards were not good, but it is well known that the technology of Alexmose SimplpeBGC has been much more maturer than other unknown boards and proven to be very good by many customers. With this offical Alexmos SimpleBGC controller, the performance of the gimbal would be much more stable and most importantly, customers can freely upgrade the firmware when there is any newer available. With the perfect frame design, excellent controller board and professional calibrating and testing, we can tell the ARRIS CM2000 V5.0 must be the most revolutionary gimbal in the world.

Features of Alexmos SimpleBGC controller:

  • Weight: 17g (including sensor and wire)
  • Main board size: 50 x 50mm

For more information and trouble shooting, please refer to developers official website:

Features of ARRIS CM2000 V5.0:
Simple structure with light weight.
Carbon fiber frame.
Brushless motor directly drive.
With four anti-vibration damper absorbers,easy to adjust.
Compatible with Gopro 2,3.
Weight: 230g (include 2 rewound motors).
Dimension: 8.5cm*10.5cm (width/height).
Working Voltage: 3S Lipo.

The difference between version gopro3 and gopro2 lies to the different platform widths to place the cameras, wherein 21mm for gopro3, while 30.5mm for gopro2. Thanks to this individual design, the gopro2 can be perfectly fit the ARRIS CM2000 as well now. In addition, the gopro2 version can also be used to carry AEE digital camera, which has greatly increased its compatibility.

Due to the extremely long productive cycle for brushless motors of ARRIS CM2000, we have two options of motors with similar performance for assembling. Gimbals were shipped randomly, we will not inform this change separately. Hope you could understand.

We are currently designing gimbal for gopro only, later will come versions for bigger cameras, stay tuned to the website and our facebook page.

Manually control the pitch and roll. No need to plug the pitch, roll and GND to receiver if you don`t want to control them manually.

DJI Phantom Manual Pitch Setup for ARRIS CM2000. (Thanks jlcamp7 for offering the detailed tutorial).

Set up Roll with the Futaba T8J (Thanks Gizmo3000 for offering the detailed tutorial)

ARRIS CM2000 V2.0 Gimbal on DJI Phantom(2013-05-04):

The video of manual control test(2013-04-28):

The video of test flight 6(2013-04-18):

The video of test flight 5(2013-04-17):

The video of test flight 4(2013-04-17):

The video of test flight 3(2013-04-11):

The video of test flight 2(2013-04-09):

Following is the video of our test flight 1(2013-04-08):

ARRIS CM2000 Videos from bmschulman in RCG forum: