Aeolus 50(600 Size) CF Nitro RC Helicopter Kit(Body Only)

Aeolus 50(600 Size) CF Nitro RC Helicopter Kit(Body Only)

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Standard configuration:

  • LENGTH: 1335mm

  • WIDTH:208mm

  • HEIGHT: 408mm



  • DRIVE GEAR RATIO:8.5:1:4.5
  • Driven system: shaft driven

  • WEIGHT:3000g


  • Carbon main frame

  • Metal main rotor holder

  • Metal flybar control arm

  • Metal tail boom mount

  • Torque Tube driven tail
  • Carbon tail fins

  • Metal head button

    • All electrical components are isolated from drivetrain vibration in a modular pod at the front of the model. This modular electronics pod allows for ease of installation and quick removal if necessary.
    • The advanced engine mounting design allows easy engine removal and more efficient power transmission.
    • High power to weight ratio combined with a 26-degree pitch range provides outstanding 3D performance!
    • The engine clutch makes use of a high quality one-way bearing for ease of starting. The clutch assembly is supported by dual radial bearings for increased durability, improved drivetrain efficiency
    • The tail rudder pushrod is constructed of lightweight, stiff fiber allowing for accurate tail rotor control.
    • A 420cc fuel tank provides ample fuel capacity and consistent engine performance.
    • 52 precision bearings are included to provide smooth, vibration free operation of the model.
    • For a more reliable power transmission, the one way bearing in rotary tale of the principle axis is well protected by vertical double bearings

    Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly(Not included):
    1£®Transmitter(7-channel or more, helicopter system)
    2£®Receiver(7-channel or more)
    3£®Swashplate Standard Servo x4
    4£®Head lock Gyro x1
    5£®Tail Servo x1
    6. 50 Engine
    7. 50 Muffler X1
    8. Receiver battery X1, switch X1
    9. 600mm blade x1
    10.starter X1
    11.Gasoline pump X1
    12.Fuel pump X1
    14.pitch Guage X1